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Galen Chen


Instagram: galen_lab


目前旅居英國倫敦,身兼展覽文案自由撰稿人、藝術家,文章散見於文化部博物之島麗文1460日Junction Issue倫敦藝術設計平台

出生台灣台南,作品軸福橫跨商業插畫、繪本與純藝術。客戶包含林務局嘉義分區、台北市賞鳥協會、高雄墾丁迷路小章魚餐酒館、新竹二十四分之一早午餐麵包坊、台南自然就好心理諮商所、台北心理出版社、日本TOTONOI CREW選物店...等等。

展覽經驗包含英國倫敦皇家藝術學院夏季展、Win it Open Call (英國)、GHT Late Night Takeover(英國)、Under The Surface WSA Interim Show(英國)、2016新北市北海岸藝術季、《內視鏡》、《共生》、《9671》 等大小聯展

Galen Chen is a Taiwanese London-based visual artist who primarily works on paintings. His expressive and lushly seductive painting explores the intertwining identity debates he and  his country face, dissolving and reassembling his political surroundings in vivid colours and  

brushstrokes. His works are broadly inspired by social incidents and historically significant  moments, often with a touch of satire sprinkled on top.

    Besides, he worked on a wide range of illustrations and commercial design commissions. His clients include state-running institutions, therapy clinics, publishers, restaurants and bistros, clothing select shops and more.

    He is also one of the columnists at Junction Issue, a Taiwanese-running online art magazine. Topics about his articles include reviews of the exhibitions in galleries and museums across London and the UK. (refer to "Writings" section)

Just shoot me a message on Instagram or email for Commission enquiries! xx

2020-21 英國南安普頓大學藝術碩士

University of Southampton, Master in Fine Art, United Kingdom

​2014-18 國立台灣藝術大學美術學系學士畢業

National Taiwan University of Arts, Bachelor in Fine Art

展覽 Exhibitions and Awards

2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2022 Win It! Open Call Shortlisted Final 10 Artist, Aire Space Studio, Leeds

2021 GHT Late Tower Takeover, Selected in the sector of  Visual Art, God's House Tower, Southampton

2021 UNDER THE SURFACE, Joint Exhibition, Winchester School of Art Interim Show, Winchester 

2018 《單身聯誼》 國立台灣藝術大學美術學系 畢業展, 台北,台灣
〈Single Party〉, NTUA BA Fine Art Degree Show, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 《9671》 聯展,Artopia藝托邦空間,台南,台灣 
〈9671〉, Joint Exhibition, Artopia Space, Tainan, Taiwan

2016 《內視鏡》 聯展,淡水殼牌倉庫, 台北,台灣
〈Endoscope〉, Joint Exhibition, Tamsui Shell Warehouse, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 《共生》 聯展,龍山寺文化廣場,新北,台灣 
〈Symbiosis〉, Joint Exhibition, Longshan Temple Cultural Square, New Taipei, Taiwan

2015 《北海岸藝術季》,入選, 新北,台灣
〈North Coast Art Festival〉, Selected, New Taipei, Taiwan

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